payment transacted on 11 sept 2019 not received.

Hey. I transacted money on 11 sept at night. now the Payoneer shows complete transaction status on my account while it never reached my bak account. I called Payoneer several times but the took o action. they keep on saying that they are looking at my complain. But nothing fruitful is received up till now. i saw ppl also faced this problem. what should i do? i am really worried. please i need some hope that i'll get my money back. please guide me with the procedures.


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    Hello there,

    Thanks for the post. Your concern is definitely understandable and valid. Please note that I've gone ahead and asked for our bank transfer team to provide an update on the situation for you. They will check their system and update us by the end of the week. Sorry for any inconvenience or delay. I assure you that everything will be okay.


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