I want access to my money.

Sebas45Sebas45 Member Posts: 1
I received U$ 50,00 from a partner of mine to my new Payoneer account, hoping that this way I could ask for a prepaid mastercard. However, I can't. AND I CAN'T SEND THE MONEY BACK TO MY PARTNER. In fact, I can't spend it all! I'm not expecting any more payments, and I don't plan to spend this money online.

So what now? Are those U$ 50.00 forever going to stay in this account? I sent a support ticket, and received an automated reply telling me that I can't send my money. I KNOW THAT, THAT'S WHY I SENT THE TICKET!

If somebody in support reads this, please get in touch with me and tell me how to withdraw MY money. Thank you!


  • morgamorga Administrator Posts: 1,616 ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi there @Sebas45 We can see that you already withdrew these funds to your local bank account. Please let us know if you require further assistance

  • Omiti_JosephOmiti_Joseph Member Posts: 2
    Hello I received a payment on 4th of October from my funding source, up to date my money has been pending and under review I have provided all the required verification details and still I can't access my money. Could you please release the funds I am in a financial crisis and i need to pay my bills and pay my workers. This is very inconveniencing and discouraging considering that I am a first timer... Kindly consider helping me get my money ASAP.
  • DanvDanv Member Posts: 2
    Hi, I received a payment in EUR and I want to transfer it on my Payoneer USD card. (it's a master card, pripaid Payoneer card). Is that possible and will I be able to access the funds? Do I do that with the option "Manage currencies" ? Thank you!
  • GianmarcoPayoneerGianmarcoPayoneer Confirm Email, Administrator Posts: 1,402 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @Omiti_Joseph We understand, we will have someone from our support team contact you via email regarding this issue. Please be on the lookout for any emails from our team.

  • GianmarcoPayoneerGianmarcoPayoneer Confirm Email, Administrator Posts: 1,402 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @Danv Yes, you are correct. You would have to do that via the manage currencies service.

  • DanvDanv Member Posts: 2
    @GianmarcoPayoneer thank you!
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