Why account review and new card approval is taking too long ?

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My previous payoneer card was expired on 8/19. So I ordered the new card on Sep 13, 2019. But that was in pending approval, I submitted the required information but still the card is was not approved and issued. I contacted the support and got to know that I also need to submit the required information for bank account approval that I attempted to add in past, I submitted that info as well around 2 weeks ago and also replied to some other email threads that were related to submit information for account verification. but still I haven't got any kind of reaponse from payoneer side. My funds are in expired card, new card is not being approved and I am really in need of those funds. Can anyone please help how I can get to know till when I will be recieving my new card ? or any response from payoneer


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    Hi, sorry you didn't get a response yet. We have our team looking into this now, and hope to have an update for you soon.

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