I am getting error by payoneer when I tried to add my payoneer account in fiverr?

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Hi there.

I want to add my Payoneer account to get funds from Fiverr. But when I tried to do so I am getting an error message that my application hasn't approved yet.
I have a Payoneer account associated with this Fiverr account before. But I never withdraw any fund from Fiverr. Because the account wasn't verified by Payoneer. So I deleted the account and the funding source by contacting with call center.

Now as I tried to add the new Payoneer account I am getting this error message. "Oops! You have already submitted your application". But I have deleted the old account.

What should I do now? How can I add my new Payoneer account with Fiverr?



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    Hi there @e1s1 We can see our team advised you via phone that you will need to contact Fiverr for further assistance on this.

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    Hi there @morga
    Yes, But I talked with them. But they are saying that they have done everything from their end. Now Payoneer has to work from their end. I have mail from Fiverr about this.
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    @e1s1 In that case, we can see our team advised you that in such a situation of Fiverr advising to contact us, that you need to provide a screenshot to the email our team sent you with the ticket number 191013-007034. Please resume communication there to have this matter looked into further

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    @morga Thanks for the help. I have already submitted the necessary documents.
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    Great, hope to have everything approved soon!

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