Verify a supplier payment - how? I Submitted my Invoice and Account Profile on the Blog I work on

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Hello house,

FOr the mods, my Customer ID is 7891484

I had a payment sent in from a client I work with on October 2. Payoneer told me to Verify my supplier payment by providing:

- Account profile verification
- Account activity

First off, there's no explanation on what these details mean. When I spoke with the Customer Service department, they had no idea either. The first time, I took a screenshot of my account activity on Payoneer because I was unclear what was required. I've been receiving these payments from the same client for a while now along with another payment from Amazon.

I'm a writer. I have numerous clients but I only bill one of them via Payoneer because they don't use Paypal. Amazon's payment has been for my Amazon affiliate site.

I kept calling customer service, which costs me around $10 per call due to my location.

Finally, I found a way around it and I was told via Chat to send the invoice I use for my clients along with my profile page on the site.

I did that and I was informed that my verification would take 3-5 business days.

This was on October 4. Today is October 13, 2019.

My payment is still pending and I also notice earlier today that the Verification request is back in the Verification Center.

See image here:

I honestly don't know what this is about but it's frustrating. If this is part of your KYC, then be specific about your requests, inform your staff. The Customer Service staff have no clue what is required.

If this is about adhering to Anti-Money Laundering laws, verify the company or the freelancer's business.

Some of us work long hours daily to earn our income. Then, to have a third party service frustrate us this much is terrible.


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    @Agewiser Thank you for reaching out to us and we apologize for the wait. We do see that your payment was already loaded. We are sorry if the approval process caused you any inconvenience but please note such procedures are required for all accounts

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    Hi All,

    Customer ID: 33218443
    I am very disappointed my account has been blocked when I receive money from my client and it was pending to be honest we work our ass of, my expenses are due and I can not even access my account due to some incomplete information, you could ask for all this when I was creating an account. Everything was fine I have received account number and my personal bank has been approved and suddenly when money came in everything goes wrong, please guide me the payement which payoneer received how you are going to deal with it please confirm if you are returning this payment to my client or what, because I have a bank account in UK but I thought its batter if I use payoneer, its really important for me please sort my issue asap thank you.


    Aamfa recruitment
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    @aamfa The incorporation country on the company verification document which you provided, does not match the information that was submitted.

    Please note that we are unable to approve your application request. Please reapply for a new account, making sure to set the correct country of incorporation which matches the country in which your company was incorporated.

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