i am ordering my card from month but it's still in pending even though i provided by ID several time

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Hope you all are doing well and enjoying a good health.i am trying to order new card but my request is still in pending.i contacted customer support several time and seems like they are not interested in solving customers issues.They asked me to upload ID and i did they way they asked several times.but its still in pending.i just recently transferred funds to my expire card which and its in pending.i know they will adjust it in my new card but they re not giving me any response.how to contact them beside customer support so that can response.Any help will be highly appreciated.
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    @noorulamin12 We do apologize for the delay in review times. We had someone at our support team already contact you via email. In order to proceed with your request you will need to submit documents. Please refer to that email. Thank you.

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