I want to cancel my account and want to open another new one.

I have opened my account 9 months ago. When I have opened my account there was some mistake. My account is not approved yet. I want to cancel this account because of which bank account I have attached that the bank account already closed. My billing address was my old address. So, I want to close it and reopen another new one.


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    @imrankhanbd2016 For this, please reach out to our support team directly as they will need to first verify your security details before proceeding with your request.

  • imrankhanbd2016imrankhanbd2016 Posts: 4Member
    They are asked about the name. My national id name is "Md Imran mia". Payoneer accounts not added on the sure name "Mia". But I have ensured it to the Payoneer team. Why they are taking a long time to verify. I have given a message but they are not response yet. How to get the solution?
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    We would need to give our team a few more days to respond. We will make sure they notify you as soon as their review is finished

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