My payoneer account still not verified?

aryalaryal Posts: 21Member ✭✭
It has been many days after I have submitted my national ID documents but the payoneer account is still not verified.

Customer ID 29457801
Verification Center says "No open requirements"
But the state of all those documents that I submitted to payoneer is just "submitted" and not verified.

I think I have wrongly wrote my Date Of Birth in my payoneer account. So, there can be difference in date of birth between my payoneer account and national ID.

Should I create new payoneer? Or will you please verify this payoneer.

Actually an advertiser is pushing me to receive the money as soon as possible to avoid future hassles. I found that his website is connected to payoneer and that makes me able to receive money through Global Payment Options.

But the problem is that account is not still verified. It is causing too much problem. Please verify my account as soon as you talented and helpful guys around payoneer can.


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