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Recently a client tried to pay me.
Something which normally went without any problems.
But this time... got bombarded with additional information requests.

Business Profile - filled that. But I guess it didn't get approved.

Target clientele explanation - I do artwork, animation commissions for people. Anyone who's ever been part of any fandom knows what this is. Payoneer staff on the other hand.. apparently not. I tried to make it as clear sounding as possible (and English isn't my primary language) but to no avail. TWICE.

Reason for payment - that got approved. Not sure why I needed to fill that again...

URL verification - I was asked to submit a link to my business page. I don't have one so I gave them my social media page. Approved.

Global payment service questionary - Filled that, submitted... not approved I guess... (It was stuck on "Submitted" while this mess was going on)

Website screenshot - A proof that the website page is mine. Submitted. Seems that somehow that didn't get approved either.

Emails - Now this is quite an invasion of privacy, isn't it? I was asked to provide them with screenshots or a transcript of a chat I had with the client regarding the service I've performed. Reluctantly submitted and I guess that didn't get approved either.

And then second Target clientele explanation request ensued...

In the end payment got rejected. SIGH...

I've contacted the tech support, got automated reply, I replied to that (as per instruction "This is an automatic reply based on the topic you selected. If it doesn't resolve your issue, please reply to this message and we will be happy to assist you.") and... days later, no reply.

So what gives exactly? Can Payoneer users now receive money only from corporations and not from common people?

Customer ID: 17435658
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