I am employer and want to pay a freelancer

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... and I have to connect to a platform where I get money!?!? I am employer, not freelancer! I don't understand. My bank account is connected. But I still can't pay a freelancer here at payoneer. Have I to transpfer money to payoneer first? How?


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    Hi there, while we do allow for employers to pay their freelancers, it is important to note that the primary purpose of a Payoneer account is to receive payments.

    To pay your freelancer, please have the freelancer send you a payment request through Payoneer. You can also add your supplier's bank account, and perform a bank withdrawal (once you have a balance in Payoneer). If you have no intent on receiving payments the only way would be to pay a payment request, which a user can send you.

    Please let us know should you have additional questions.

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