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Hi my name is Xavier, before all I want to say sorry because probably this is the most common question that makes every single user.

As you can see in the title I have a pending transaction, this is the first transaction that I receiving as payoneer user, so I want to know if I need to submit something, 5 days ago I submitted my national Id card and my Global payment service questionnaire, I received the money 24 hours ago from payoneer->payoneer account, I read the average transaction time is 2 hours from payoneer payoneer but this one is taking more time, am I missing something? Thanks for taking your time and have a good day.
Id transaction is 156179327


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    I got the money, I want to ask for the Mastercard but I can't, I just notice that my national id was rejected, maybe that is the reason of why I can't ask for the Mastercard? I submitted it again but now with better quality (jpg format, last one was pdf format. If my id card get reject again what should I do? My customer Id is: 31408530
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    @xaviermaster We can see that your payment was already approved :) Have a wonderful day!

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