My account has not been approved after 5 business days!

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I became a member of Payoneer on October 21, 2019. He asked me for a few documents and I sent them right after I became a member. However, my account has not yet been approved even though we haven't reached October 26, 2019. My time is limited due to the location where I expect money, but my account has not been activated even after 5 business days have passed. I want you to confirm my account as soon as possible, I've sent all the documents you want!
My Payoneer ID: 34495885
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    هل تم الموافقه على حسابك بعدر رسال هذا الرساله ممكن الرد
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    @jasemAlbawi For assistance in your native language, please refer to this link

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    @Morior1912 We communicated with the approval team regarding the status of your account. We are happy to inform that your account has been approved. Have a wonderful day!

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