How to order a card ?

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Hello. I am new to payoneer. To order a card I need to have 30 USD. I don't know how to put 30 USD to my payoneer?


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    Hi there @Masevaforum Receiving payments from other Payoneer Accounts or via Ewallets does not count towards the threshold for ordering a card
    You will need to receive payments from mass payout companies or from companies that pay through the Global Payment Service details

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    Can I do it somehow through Massive thank you for the quick answer!!
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    Yes that should be fine :smile:

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    THANKS! What are the steps? I am really not sure how to do that.. so please for a little help... I have already account with funds on
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    @Masevaforum Please note that you can receive payments from Freelancer to your Payoneer account (free of charge) by linking your USD Receiving Account details as a withdrawal method. The details of your USD Receiving Account are part of Payoneer's Global Payment Service.

    To access your USD Receiving Account details, follow the steps below:

    Log in to your Payoneer account
    Click on the Receive tab and select the Global Payment Service
    Select USD from the menu on the left

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