Using US payment service before receiving card?

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Hi, I have have successfully apply for a card and for the US payment service. Can I use the US payment service even though I have not receive my card ? Thanks in advance


  • RobiakRobiak Member Posts: 22

    Once your USPS enabled then you are ready to begin receiving payments no matter you did get the card yet or still not.


    From my personal experience here is what i've made .. while i stil did not got my payoneer card.


    - Once i've got my USPS informations and it was activated

    - I've add it to my paypal account and requested withdraw some cash

    - Once fund added to my payoneer account, I've requested my card to be shipped via DHL.


    So this means if you have got USPS informations and it is activated then you can indeed receive money even if you still

    did not got your card in your hand yet.


    Also payoneer is telling your in "Start receiving money via US Payment Service" email message that you are able to

    begin receiving payments 133LU.png

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    Robiak gave the perfect answer, thanks!

  • mindmind Member Posts: 15 ✭✭

    Thanks robiak :)

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