Anyone using US Payment Service to receive payments via ACH bank transfer from ?

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As we know have introduced Express Withdrawal in many countries and stopped supporting withdrawal to Payoneer debit card. But many users still using Payoneer's US Bank Info to withdraw money by using Express Withdrawal method.

But according to "An Express Withdrawal requires a real bank account and they don't consider Payoneer as a real bank account". Even though they are not blocking this withdrawal either. Because I know many users still getting money this way. So it is little confusing.

Is there any problem using Payoneer's US Payment Service in I mean, is it against any rule?


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    Hi, it is not against our rules as we have a number of users receiving payments from Freelancerr to Payoneer.

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    > @KazPayoneer said:
    > Hi, it is not against our rules as we have a number of users receiving payments from to Payoneer.

    Yes I know it's ok with Payoneer. But my confusion is that says that they doesn't consider Payoneer as a real bank account. But still lot of users receiving payments from to Payoneer as you just mentioned. Strange!
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    @mtgguru Please note that you can receive payments from Freelancer to your Payoneer account (free of charge) by linking your USD Receiving Account details as a withdrawal method. The details of your USD Receiving Account are part of Payoneer's Global Payment Service.

    To access your USD Receiving Account details, follow the steps below:

    Log in to your Payoneer account
    Click on the Receive tab and select the Global Payment Service
    Select USD from the menu on the left

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    @morga Thanks for the reply. I know the process and I know some freelancers personally who are getting USD from through this method.

    My question is in fact to the users who are using this method. might take action against them like limiting or suspending their account who are attempting to withdraw by using this virtual bank account details.
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    @mtgguru It should be fine to receive, but we advise you to double check with Freelancer if you want guarantee from their side as well

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    > @morga, Yes that's should be done who are using this method.

    Though Freelancer says that they doesn't support this transaction, but I think their system doesn't identify whether it is a virtual account or real/physical account. That's why Freelancer users still able to withdraw through ACH bank transfer.
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    It is fine but only through the US Payment Service details

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