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Can you tell me the status of my account and bank approval?

kenma9123 Member Posts: 3
edited November 2019 in Ask The Community
Hi everyone. I'm a new user of Payooner. I heard from a friend that my account has to be approve in order to start using the whole system. Can you tell me if my account is now approved? I don't see the "The Global Payment Service" a receiving accounts in USD like what my colleagues have. My customer ID is 34357810. That's first concern.

Here is the other one. I asked because when I added my local bank account. It said that its in pending for a review. I understood that this will take a few days. For what I read maybe 2-3 business days if there's an email requiring me to submit any supporting documents. BUT its been weeks now. I added in Oct 12. The bank still pending for a review. I'm waiting for the email to reach me but no joy. I check SPAM folder and every corner of my email client.

Please advice. Thank you in advance.


  • [Deleted User]
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    @kenma9123 We communicated with the approval team regarding the status of your account. We need a valid copy of your government issued photo ID.
    Log in to your Payoneer online My Account
    Click "Settings" and choose "Verified Information" from the dropdown menu
    Open the relevant requirement to find a secure upload window
    Upload the required document
    Click "Submit"

  • kenma9123
    kenma9123 Member Posts: 3
    @morga thanks, now I see that there is a verification. I just submitted the file required. Hopefully I get verified soon.
  • [Deleted User]
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    Awesome, our team will review what you submitted and update you on the status via email

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