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Amount stuck between Amazon and Payoneer

digi786 Member Posts: 2
Hi everyone.
I am having this issue since the creation of my account. I have linked my account to amazon. In the end of Aug an amount was sent to my account, an email was received but i didnt respond in time due to network issues so that amount got returned to amazon. Now amazon has not got that amount and is saying that the amount was sent succesafully to your account. This issue was not resolved, that in meantime another one happened. In the end of sept, another amount was sent of which i didnt get any email or notification from payoneer. Amazon is again saying that from our side all is clear and from payoneer side no one is responding properly. Moreover just few days agon another amount from amazon got same issue like the previous one. No notification no email no nothing in payoneer . It is amount of three months which is stuck between amazon and payoneer. So can someone please really help. What is causing this issue and how can this issue be resolved so that i can get all my amount. Any kind of help would be really appreciated.

Thank you.


  • BORA11
    BORA11 Member Posts: 3
    yes i got the same thing as you have but i have only two month amount

    if some one can help please
  • digi786
    digi786 Member Posts: 2
    So Bora11 what is your stance now? And any update or anything that can help us get this issue resolved?
  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 1,302

    @digi786 We are sorry to hear that! We do see our team sent you an email on 10/07 requesting for more information to begin their investigation but have yet to receive a response from you. Please reply to the ticket number 191002-012294 to have this matter looked into

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