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How common is this problem? Amazon multiple charge on Payoneer account.

Dchanini Member Posts: 9
So i got my first card couple of days back, since it would be the first time that i would buy something online i decided to test it first. First thing i bought one amazon gift card of 1$, amazon charged me twice, one transaction is complete and one still pending for more than 4 days now.

Today i decided to do it again, bought a game for 0.99$, but this time they are trying to charge 9 times more. I have +7 pending transactions that range from 1 to 1.30$ each. I contacted both customer help from Payoneer and Amazon already, amazon said that they only have one payment pending from me.

This is quite a frustrating because the money on those pending transactions is locked, and i may end up losing a sale because of it.


Not asking for help in this post as i alreadt talked with Payoneer customer care, just want to know if it happens with more people and for others to know about it in the future.


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