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Why is the option to add my bank account not available on my Payoneer dashboard?

Hi! Alright, so my Payoneer account is new, just got approved about a week or two ago. The issue is that the option to add my bank account details is not available to me. I have just received my first payment today, and I actually really need that money to clear my bills but somehow I can't do anything as it stands - can't withdraw, can't transfer the money...nothing. As you may probably be aware, my employer asked us to switch to Payoneer just about a month ago, and so the shift to this platform was quite drastic. I have struggled so much trying to reach out to the support team because even in my own personal account, I don't get a chance to send a private email to the help desk because that option is painfully nonexistent. So I was forced to open this community forum account to air my grievance to you because even the live assistance platform is not working (sigh). I will avail my customer ID upon request.


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    @Lily_Mwangi The reason is because you registered for a card account through FrogProg and this is your chosen method of payment. In order to access your funds, you need to receive and activate your Payoneer card

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