Payment Pending for 4 days now with the same client

sel005sel005 Posts: 1Member
I've been receiving my payment from my client since july 2019 and i got paid weekly and the maximum timeframe is just 2 days, now it's been 4 days and the payment is still pending and my another payment from is also pending so 2 pending transactions that are still under reviewed and this is so frustrating


  • jastoc4jastoc4 Posts: 1Member
    Hello kindly i made a withdrawal by mistake from my uvocorp account to Payoneer, kindly i want this money to be reversed into my uvocorp account. Kindly what can i do? i have talked to the uvocorp account and they have agreed to receive it back so that they can send it to me to my preferred mail. Kindly i want the money to be reversed what can i do so that it can be reversed??
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    @sel005 Please send us a private message for further assistance

  • morgamorga Posts: 1,537Administrator ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @jastoc4 You would need to reach out to our support team so they can verify your details and review your request

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