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My payment is canceled, account is having limited access now and balances blocked !!


I newly registered on Payoneer account and linked with my Fiverr account. where i am working as a freelancer. First time i transferred my payment from Fiverr which was about 41.61 US$ and first time i was suppose to receive on my Payoneer account. I heard from many sources about your wonderful platform for freelancers to receive payments and send payments in case. So i prefer to chose this option. After 5 days of waiting i sent a message on Payoneer support centre that how long this will take more to complete the process for transferring my Fiverr payment to Payoneer. because it was on UP COMING Category from last few days but not fixed. Today i was asked to submit an additional documents for verification. such as Utility bill on my name. So i submitted my landline telephone utility bill which shows my residential address as i have given on Payoneer at the time of registration. But after sometime i noticed my Payment was canceled and sent back to Fiverr. and my account balance was blocked and my account is now having limited access.

I again send a message for yours kind review, that what type of mistake i have done. because every document asked to me i have submitted for your kind pursue. Even if something more required for verification i am also ready to submit. So please let me know and advice where i did wrong or what error or cause to make my account in this position having limited access and my payment is canceled.

I request to please help me out and fix this issue. I am ready to submit any kind of supporting documents or any further verification you may required. I request to please allow me to utilize this facility as many of the freelancers worldwide are facilitating from this platform.

Shall be great full to you and waiting for the reply.

with regards

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