I love payoneer to work with onlinebookclub.org

I'm working as a reviewer on onlinebookclub. It uses only PayPal as it payment method which is not allowed in my country to receive international money. Payoneer is my best option, but onlinebookclub does not support payoneer. So, I plead with payoneer to please, partner and work with 'onlinebookclub.org' so that they may include payoneer as their payment method. This will not only satisfies my wants but many other people who are facing the same challenges as mine.


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    @Gideon69 Although we do not work with Onlinebookclub. We do work with PayPal. which means you can link up the global payment service details with your PayPal account in order to receive those funds.

    Please use this link to learn more on how to:

    We will also notify our internal teams of onlinebookclub. This will provide great feedback to see who we can potentially partner with in the future. Thank you and have a nice day.

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