Couldn’t able receive payment

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Hello, my friend recommended me to receive payment through Payoneer but it’s not working for me. can you please make insight to my account because it is not verified yet even though I submitted requested documents more than 3 months ago. I have tried to establish contact with Payoneer support but only receiving automatic generated emails.
I can only receive money on my account using Global payment service but that option is not displayed on my account. If I understand well, this option will be enabled uppn verification completion. Thanks in advance.


  • kalkidankalkidan Member Posts: 5
    When do I get the response?
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    Hi there @kalkidan

    The Global Payment Service (a set of local receiving accounts in USD, EUR and other currencies) is currently unavailable for new customers in your country.

    We are working to make it available again and hope that this is a temporary measure. In the meantime, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

    We have your contact details and will update you when it becomes available.

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