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Can anyone from Payoneer please resolve this.This is very frustrating.

I have an approved bank account attached to my payoneer account and i have been receiving payments into that account for 2 years.Obviously you guys approved the account first when i added it to my account.

Now i want to add a different bank account into my payoneer and i want the money to go to that account instead of the current one.The new account is not on my name instead its on my friend's name and i have been told by your chat support that if i can provide required verification documents of the account holder then it should not be a problem what name is on the account.

So I added the new account into my payoneer back on 28 oct and i submitted the photo id along with it but the account verification section in my account started asking asking for photo verification of my own account which i dont understand because my account is already verified with payoneer.Not only that but when i go to verification center i have two separate options to submit photo id's for my account and the bank account under my friends name but when i enter documents for just one person in one of the section the other verification option also disappears and starts showing as "submitted" and so i can only submit documents one time and so when you guys will check it you will reject it again.This has happened twice already and i am getting very frustrated because you already take a week just to check the documents and when you do you reject it because the wrong document is submitted under wrong section because of issues in your system.I have all the documents ready so i can provide them.Not only that but you guys have stopped my access to online chat support so which is a very pathetic thing to do because you guys dont provide a phone number for Pakistan.

Can anyone from payoneer please resolve this for me and please dont give me a generic response that your team is looking into it and please dont mark this thread as complete.You did the same thing last time as well.


  • GianmarcoPayoneer
    GianmarcoPayoneer Confirm Email, Administrator Posts: 2,241 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @rajaghafoor Thank you for submitting your request in. Please be advised in order to add different bank accounts to our system, we will need you to submit your own government issued photo ID. The ID you submitted is not from you but of your friend's. We need a clear picture of your government issued photo ID ( not scanned ) Once you submit your ID, our team will start the review process.

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