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What !


Yes, I wonder why payoneer since it become world most fastest growing business solutions company to not add payment gateway for all who sell items through websites.


I mean why there is no IPN (Instant Payment Notifications) system where for example visitor gets into shopping cart of any website and checkout by redirected to payoneer where he login and pay then sent back with IPN informations like (Amount,Transaction ID ...etc) to the shopping cart where can complete own shopping.


Yes Paypal does

Yes Moneybooker does

Yes Payza does

Even Liberty reserve does


We are looking for payoneer to so image guys can put "Buy Now" button where user can directly pays from payoneer to payoneer card.


You add indeed fees for such usage cause at the moment card to card are free of fees

What is IPN?

Instant Payment Notification (IPN) allows you to automate certain aspects of your business by posting transaction details to your server whenever you receive payment or whenever a status change occurs on a transaction. When used with a credit card or Express Checkout transactions, IPN is not useful to get the status of a payment, but only to get asynchronous notification such as an eCheck clearing or a chargeback.

When a customer pays you, payment gateway posts a notification to your server at a URL you specify. Included in this notification are all of your customer's payment details (eg. customer name, amount) as well as a piece of encrypted code. The variables included in the notification are listed in the IPN Variable Reference. These variables are different for each payment gateway.



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    This is certainly something we are considering, however for the time being we're focused on providing the best global payout solutions available. We'll be sure to post further details should we decide to implement payment processing (or IPN) services.

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