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Problem with verification link to store

MaxWuxi Member Posts: 1
Hi community.

I very hope Payoneer management can read this message from middle Ocotber I cant withdrawal to my RMB account. Firstly about 10-15 days I tried to check with support whats going on, but it is useless, they said will be withdraw soon and they will ask payment dep. contact to me. Then I see i have email with request for verification my store link. I think that is the reason delay payment. I sent link first time, and maybe that was wrong because I just replied to their email with store link. Then I receive again this email and send link to correct email. No any actions again nearly 10 days and this days I tried to ask support whats going on and where is my withdrawal... no particular answer. Always just saying they will contact with payment department... they even don't know I have this email with requested link! Yesterday I again received same email with request to store link!!! I really no idea how to deal with it. My patience nearly to 0. More than this, they delayed also my US dollars withdrawals up to 10 days, without any reason and information about status. After I requested form 103, in next day i see USD on my account... but guys no one do as this, in your system all this time shows this transaction as completed...

I very hope some one can contact to me and help with this issue personally. I believe your company good faith and it is just some bugs in processing, but your support really seems cant help with it.