How should I verify additional bank information?

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Hi Suppor Team,

This is Alex and I asked 2 times about my payoneer account status before. These are commenting history.

I should finally get the email from your Customer Care team and they said that they can not verify my previous bank and add another bank.
So I go to the banks option in menu and tried to add new bank but Payoneer said "You have reached the maximum number of bank accounts that can be added. For more information you can click here".

I am really confusing now. What should I do? I asked to my friends, and heard they created the account within 10 minutes. but I am not allowed to create this?

If this is something you can support me, I appreciate it.


  • GianmarcoPayoneer
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    @alexruby Hello,

    We do see here that your issue has been transferred over to our relevant department.

    We ask you to wait 3 to 5 business days, as this is the standard time frame for a response.

    We appreciate your patience and understanding.

    Thank you.

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