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I am From Pakistan. I have few question in my mind .


1) I want to know what documents are required to verify my account? I don't have a passport nor driving license. I Have NIC but it is not in english (national ID card).


2) How can i submit my document?


3) I am a Freelance IOS developer and designer and some of clients wants to pay me with paypal? 


4) can i do online shopping like purchasing apple developer certificate with payoneer card?


5) Can i purchase app from appstore or apple website?


6) How quickly can i receive from Paypal to my payoneer card and when  can I withdraw?


7) can i transfer from Payoneer account to my local bank account? 


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    Thank you for your interest in Payoneer.


    1) If our support requires further information they will let you know and we accept Official forms of government ID's and they do not need to be in English.


    2) You will be able to upload information with a link provided to you in the email requesting it from you (should it be necessary).


    3) You can transfer money from your paypal account to your Payoneer card with our US Payment Service.


    4 and 5) The Payoneer card can be used where debit MasterCard is accepted: in stores, online and ATMs.


    6) Once paypal sends the funds it generally takes up to 3 business days for the payment to reach your card. Once the payments are on your card you can use it.


    7) We currently do not support transferring directly from Payoneer to your local bank account.

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