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Payoneer Card Query

I was thinking of ordering my first Payoneer card but there's something that I would like to know first. I've searched for the possible banks that accept Payoneer card so no issues there, but I would like to know if there's any transaction fee on withdrawing an amount from my account using the Payoneer card at an ATM? Also, what is the minimum amount that I'll be able to withdraw?

Again, this is for withdrawing using the card at an ATM and not a withdrawal from the account to my bank account.


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    @ihassamk When using your card at the ATM, there are various fees that may occur:

    A fee charged by the ATM. Please be advised that Payoneer has no control over the fee imposed by the ATM.
    A currency conversion fee if the transaction is in a currency other than that of your card. This currency conversion fee is up to 3.5%
    Payoneer's ATM withdrawal fee (listed in your pricing and fees).

    Furthermore, some ATM's / banks place their own limitations or withdrawal thresholds and so it is advisable to check with the bank directly

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