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First it was website problems. Now I'm LOCKED OUT of my account

I wish I could post a screenshot of the problem but I can't.

I just signed into my account and the page is all messed up. I've taken various steps to clear my browser cache.

Then I'm trying to sign into a different browser. Each time I try to click "I'm not a robot" on the reCapcha a check mark appears. But when I click on the Sign In button it keeps saying "One or more details is incorrect".

Then after a few attempts I'm locked out of my account! I'm trying to reset my password but I've changed my phone number since creating my account 2 years ago. When I try to reset the password through email it still asks for a phone number, but I'm using a new number now and I forgot what that old number was.



  • SgtHK
    SgtHK Member Posts: 7
    Here's a screenshot of the initial problem.

    You can also see my customer ID there (24288566). I hope that helps
  • SgtHK
    SgtHK Member Posts: 7
    Just an update on my situation. I recovered my old number through a friend and I've successfully reset my password and logged back into my account. I have also updated my phone number in my account. So all seems fine now.

    But that account page getting messed up was what started the whole ordeal (see link below). I do hope it won't happen again.