please don't send the payoneer card to this address? because such address don't exist.

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Dear MYNAME(confidential; id=29457801)
I got this email from payoneer. They are going to send my card to wrong address..
Please, there is no post office of 44600 in sitapaila,nagarjun.....
the correct address should be
dillibazar,kathmandu,44600. [there is no detail address than this in Nepal]
proof that the address is correct-:

email from payoneer----------
We're happy to let you know that we have approved your request for a Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard®.

Your card will be shipped via regular mail.
It should arrive between 11 Dec 2019 and 20 Dec 2019 to the following address:
44600 00


please correct the address.

the post office numbe(44600) and city name (kathmandu) is correct.

but the sitapaila-4,nagarjun is wrong. it should be dillibazar.

sitapaila-4 nagarjun is my house address, but there is no post office 44600 in my house...government builds post office in nepal...and there is post office in dillibazar,kathmandu,nepal (44600).

PS-: I have got another mail tailing that my "update shipping address was not accepeted"..i am confused..
when i went to payoneer, it showed me ACTIVATE CARD button(meaning-:card coming soon)
but when i checked the verification center, the shipping address was not accepted..

BELIEVE ME PAYONEER, there are no street numbers in NEPAL.
i am sure the address of post office must be
so please send my card to this address instead of sitpaila-4,nagarjun.


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    @aryal We understand your wish to change the shipping address for the card. Just please note that this card was already issued. As this change requires to deal with some security information, which we can't handle via this platform, we would recommend you to contact our customer care team via phones or chat, so you can have a live and faster assistance

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