Issue of "Something went wrong.Try again." while submiting the amount after converted the currencies

yamitani Member Posts: 2
Hi,after submitting the currency I selected from USD to EUR or GBP, all the times seems something went wrong.Try again." why I am seeing this always, never submitted successfully, what is the wrong with this, I am suffering from this issue. My amount is getting freezed, I want to receive this as soon as possible. I'd be appreciated if you tell me the potentiol reasons of this issue.


  • GianmarcoPayoneer
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    @yamitani Hello,

    Please be advised if you are requesting to use our other services, you will need the card you ordered activated first. You were sent an email of the estimated arrival times for the card. Please go through your inbox and search for that email.

    We ask you to kindly wait for the card.

    Thank you and have a nice day.

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