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As of today, can I use Stripe + Payoneer? (Please answer!)


I want to start an eCommerce store on Shopify. I want to open a Payoneer virtual business bank account to open the Stripe account and receive payments. I know that a lot of people have done that in the past and they succeeded.

I was scrolling through posts about Payoneer + Stripe on FB groups and I have come along with this post that was posted around 2 weeks ago(click the link to see the screenshot):

Here’s the highlight of the post: “Recently stripe requires accounts to be set up for both credit and debit transfers. Error in Stripe dashboard: "There was a problem creating a withdrawal from Payonner First Century Bank (USD) because withdrawals aren’t approved on this account".

Stripe is trying to debit the service charge of US$xx.yy from the payout bank account instead of deducting it directly from the transfer amount. This is a issue as no Payoneer virtual accounts would be supported anymore. I have my US entity registered with EIN from IRS. Still they didn't make any exclusion.

As you know, Payonner provides accounts to be set up for credit through Stripe. Payoneer is only a payment receiving gateway so this means they don't provide bank accounts set up for debits. How do resolve this if you are based out of US and your local bank doesn’t support auto debits?”

Is this true, or did he made a mistake during the setup process or made some mistakes that caused this? Do people have the same issues during the past two weeks who try to sign up on Stripe account with Payoneer virtual business bank account?

Please, can anyone from Payoneer officially answer this question here? I need your help because in around week I plan to open an LLC and use Payoneer as a virtual business bank account

Thank you so much in advance!


  • Bek_22
    Bek_22 Member Posts: 4
    edited November 2019
    Edit: the FB post that I mention was posted on September 25th, 2019. Not 2 weeks ago. Do people who try to open the Stripe account experience the same issue since September 25th?
  • Bek_22
    Bek_22 Member Posts: 4

    I have two questions, can someone help me?

    1) I have seen this post where someone is unable to use Payoneer because it is not available for new users in a handful of countries:

    I want to open an eCommerce store on Shopify. I’ll open an LLC in the USA and open a Payoneer virtual business bank account to receive Stripe payments.

    I live in Georgia (I am referring to the country that borders Russia and Turkey. Not the US state). In the discussion that I mentioned above someone was unable to open Payoneer account and set up Stripe account because his country was not supported for new users. Will I have the same issue? Does Payoneer support the opening of new accounts in my case?

    2) If I can open a Payoneer account, where will I be able to get a Payoneer card? My company will be registered in the USA, but I’ll manage it from my country. Will you send Payoneer card to my home address in Georgia, or in the USA on my company’s virtual office address and then I have to somehow find a shipping company that will ship my card in Georgia?

  • GianmarcoPayoneer
    GianmarcoPayoneer Confirm Email, Administrator Posts: 2,241 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @Bek_22 Hello,

    1.) As of now, we do support Payoneer accounts from Georgia.

    2.) We can only send the card to country in which the client registered an can provide proof of residence. Also please be advised that in order to be eligible for the opt in card, you must begin receiving payments.

    You can receive payments from one of the following methods:

    From one of our mass payout companies
    Through the Global Payment Service
    By Requesting a payment
    The option to order the card will become automatically available on your online Payoneer account once you have received at least $30 (or the USD equivalent) in payments.

    Please note that payments received via the Make a Payment service, or from an eWallet will not count towards the minimum threshold

    Thank you and have a nice day.

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