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Can you withdraw a partial payment?

RimaH Member Posts: 1
I made a Payoneer account because I was tired of PayPal's poor customer service. Payoneer's customer support is far worse. The phone number you provide for Australia "is invalid or does not exist". Your Live Chat makes me wait for over twenty minutes only to disconnect. You don't even reply to emails! That is absolutely disgusting and discouraging considering I was after a platform that looked after its customers.

Now I'm asking in the forums as a last resort. This is a really urgent and important question.

Can I withdraw a partial payment instead of a full amount? For example, if I have 400USD in my account, can I withdraw 200USD right now, then a few weeks later withdraw the remaining 200USD? Is that possible or am I only able to withdraw the full amount? Is there a time limit to how long I can keep the money in my Payoneer account before withdrawing it?

I hope you get back to me this time. The way you have handled this is really disappointing and makes your customers feel like they don't even matter. I thought nothing could be worse than Paypal. You seem to prove me wrong. :disappointed:

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