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Hey there! I've received a payment from my company, and looked like my account was active but I was additionally required to submit a photo of passport and fill in the questionnaire. I've submitted it on Dec 7 and my passport was approved but the questionnaire is still on "submitted" stage" and I still didn't receive any email or confirmation about it. Therefore the payment from my company is still pending. How long will it take or what I've done wrong???


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    Hi @InnaY. We can see that our approval department just reviewed your document and it was approved. The payment already loaded on your account.

    Regarding the Questionnaire for Global Payment Service, when you submit the Questionnaire and it is accepted by the system, the status will be "Submitted". This means you may start receiving payments using the service. Please note that we may ask you provide additional information via email once you become active in receiving payments with the service.

    Please let us know if you need any further assistance!

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