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What are other ways to contact Payoneer support directly (part 2)

Laza Member Posts: 6

2 weeks ago I asked for other ways to contact support directly (just as reminder - here: just want to comment the answers I got and clear some things (since that discussion is locked,I can't do it there).

@KazPayoneer I gave them a call,but I have spent all my credit waiting for someone to answer me.And I still didn't manage to get my turn to speak to somebody,not even after more than 15 minutes.

I see no more options for resolving the problem,only 3 (send message - I've tried and nothing,call - spent my mobile phone credit and still nothing,community - also nothing).

You said:
"Opening a support ticket is also an option, however it can take up to 7 business days for a response there as e receive a plethora of ticketed requests."
I don't mind even if it takes 10 days,I just want answer and to communicate with a human being,not a machine/automatic reply.

Can you maybe guide me on how to file a ticket?
I've checked under my profile "Help",there are only 3 options:Pricing & Fees,"How-to" Videos and Support Center.Under Support Center I searched for how to file a ticket,but I found zero results about it.Can you maybe give me brief description how to do it?

@Cristale_Payoneer You said to reply to the automatic message I got.
The thing is - that message comes from "noreply" address.

Also,I just wanted to test it now (maybe something has change for these 2 weeks) and a new problem occurred.When I logged in and clicked on Support Center a new tab opened.On that new tab it was written that I must log in (again).So I have 3 "Payoneer" tabs opened:this (forum),dashboard (my account) and help (Support Center).It makes no sense to me if I'm logged to my dashboard that I need to log in again for Support.I even refreshed dashboard tab to make sure I am logged in (and I am),and I refreshed support tab,but that tab still says that I must log in.Pretty...crazy.

Then,the problem occurrs.I type in my password - nothing.It says password is wrong.
I try again,slowly,watching every letter/sign...again nothing.Incorrect password.
Now I was given capthca test to do,aside typing in password.I do that captcha,type in SLOWLY my password (again,watching every key,checking for Caps lock or some other possible similar problem) - still NOTHING.

This time it writes that I have 2 more attempts left.I do it again (captcha+password) - AGAIN NOTHING.What is that?!

I KNOW MY PASSWORD,prior that I logged in to my dashboard,everything's fine,even as I write this I'm logged in to my dashboard (I just refreshed it),but for a Support tab I'm not logged in and I am given one more try,before locking my account.What is that?!

To summarize:on this tab (forum) I'm logged in and no problem,on dashboard tab I'm logged in and no problem,on Support tab I am not logged in and being threatened to block my account.
i didn't do anything crazy (switched browsers,delete cookies and what not),just a normal using.

You also mentioned to contact social media support team.
Believe it or not,I don't have Facebook,Twitter,Youtube,Instagram and what not account.I have Skype thou.Do you offer support via Skype?


  • GianmarcoPayoneer
    GianmarcoPayoneer Confirm Email, Administrator Posts: 2,241 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @Laza Hello,

    We do apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.

    We understand you are having issues logging back in. But we were notified, that you were able to access to your account as of today's date. Is your issue resolved?

  • Laza
    Laza Member Posts: 6
    Yes,I can confirm that now (just now,checked) situation is OK.Again,I have 3 "Payoneer" tabs opened.I am logged in here (on forum),on my dashboard and in support tab.Last time support tab made problems,now it's OK.

    OK,that is fixed (thanks!).
    What is left is my comments,from my previous reply (yesterday).
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