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My bank account is approved after one month of adding the details.

Hi. I am written this post after so many tries of getting help but still no one responds to me. Written so many emails, unanswered, talked to customer service agents, not helped. I don’t know what to do... I added my bank account on 1 December. But my bank account is still not approved. Talked to customer service, I was told that it was a technical error from payoneer, and it will be soon solved. Never solved. Then again waited in a queue of 56 for 2 hours, I was told that I will get an email on or before 24 December. Never got an email. Today I again waited in a long queue of 50, when my number came my request was cancelled. Server didn’t stop working, I was blocked out. I again added the details, again my queue position was 57. I feel bad...Why is my account not getting approved? If you guys don’t want to approve my account, please send me an email regarding that. But no, they don’t even bother looking to my emails. And oh, yes, I just sent a wrong email to payoneer and it was answered but not what that I have been asking them for days. Please some one help .


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