First payment through payoneer blocked.

imad_bekimad_bek Member Posts: 1
I have recieved two payments with a total of 240$ from upwork but I keep getting this message:
"Before you can make a payment, you need to receive additional payments from one or more of the options below"
even though I followed the steps in there and connected my upwork to payoneer days ago.
Please can anyone help me.


  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 1,303

    While we can see your payments are loaded, the ability to pay other Payoneer users via the Make a Payment function is enabled once our users start receiving payments from individual clients and companies that pay through Payoneer. If you are still receive error messages when trying to pay another user, you will need to receive additional payments before the feature can be enabled.

    Please note, getting paid by other Payoneer users will not count towards the availability of this service for sending payments.

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