Alibaba rejects payments via Payoneer card

We faced troubles trying to pay for our orders on using Payoneer card. Our payments were failed. We hadn`t faced this error before. We contacted Payoneer support in order to investigate the reason for rejection of the payment and received the answer that there were no problems on their part. There were no rejected payments. Probably, it is connected with Alibaba, not Payoneer.
Have you ever faced this problem? How can it be solved?


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    Hi @New_Technology ! When a card is used at a merchant or an ATM, the transaction is transmitted over the network to the Payoneer processor system. If the Payoneer processor system declines the transaction for any reason, the rejected transaction will be recorded in the system, along with the reason for the rejection.

    Occasionally it might happen that a rejected transaction does not appear on the Payoneer processor system. This can only happen if the transaction is blocked by the merchant's acquirer, and is never sent over the network to our system. In such cases Payoneer has no indication that the cardholder is attempting to use the card, and it is not Payoneer that is declining the transaction.

    If it is not the case and you still need assistance, please contact us via inbox with your customer ID or email associated to your account, so we can check this out.

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