My payment has been pending since 5 days now.

faheem_nadfaheem_nad Member Posts: 2
I have no idea what the issue is. I have not received any email regarding this. I have been stuck for a while now.


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    This is exactly what I'm passing through now and it's totally frustrating.
    I funded my account since last Friday been 27th December 2019 but it has been on pending payment ever since.
    I spoke with a couple of Payoneer call agents and they asked me to upload another ID card.
    I did so and on the verification center,it shows it has been approved..
    But my payment is still pending??
    I spoke to another call agent today yet to no avail.
    Please help me fix this issue.
    My customer ID is 34243070
    Total funds on pending : $1050.55
    Thank you.
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    @faheem_nad Your payment was approved :) Please check the estimated loading date to see when it will be loaded onto your account

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 1,303

    @Kamchiefs We can see that you were advised that your payment is currently under review. We assure you that you will receive an update soon directly from them. Thank you for your patience

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