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How do I receive payments (direct deposit) from Michigan State University?


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    @Methodius Hello,

    What kind of payments are these?

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    > @GianmarcoPayoneer said:
    > @Methodius Hello,
    > What kind of payments are these?

    Thank you for the swift response. I am to receive direct deposits (ACH) from the University and as part of the bank details, a routing code is required. How/where can I find my Payoneer account number and routing code?
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    Hi there,

    If the payments are for business purposes (work that yo do for the University), you would give them your account and routing number from the "Global Payment Service page.

    This can be found on your online account by going to "receive", and then "Global Payment Service".

    If you do not see this option this reveals that you may not be eligible for this service.

    Please contact us should you have any additional questions.


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