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My account is not hacked but I was scammed by a phishing email.

Hello, I have been using Payoneer from some time now. I use it to collect payment from different ad-networks that I work with. But not all of them pay via Payoneer. Some pay in crypto-currency like Bitcoins etc. too. Which I was not able to use directly. So, I googled "transfer bitcoin to payoneer" and found a good site called paxful. I have done one or two transactions where I would trade Bitcoins with Payoneer USD dollars. It's about today when my account was glitching for some unknown reason and I had Bitcoins (worth $50 nearly). I decided to trade them. As soon I transferred my Bitcoin from coinbase to paxful, I got a request for trade from someone. I told them that my account is glitching and I am not able to login and that they wait for 10-15 mins. After 10 mins, it showed the login page and yet, I was not able to login. They said that they sent the payment and that I should release the bitcoins. I was not able to verify it and I told them that but they asked me to check my email which I did and I saw that I had received an email from "Payoneer" that I have received the payment. So, I released the Bitcoins. After about an hour, when Payoneer started working again, I logged in and found that there no transaction, not even in upcoming. I contacted at support that THERE WAS NOT EMAIL SENT BY THEM TO ME. And the payment id does not exist in my account.Which shocked me, clearly. After, some research, I saw some abnormalities in that email. There was no name or my account id mentioned in that one. And after some more research, I got to know the email headers and how to check them in gmail. I compared that email to the one I received usually. I was SHOCKED to see that they were entirely different. The thing that shocked me that they were both same email addresses but different headers. Anyway, I would request Payoneer to check/investigate the "sent by" field in that phishy email plus the "payment id".

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    We're very sorry this happened to you. But please note that on Payoneer you cannot do any transaction that has anything to do with bitcoin or cryptocurrency. The type of behavior you experienced is a reason why we do not support crypto-related transactions on Payoneer.

    Any Payoneer user who is using our platform to exchange cryptocurrency is subject to disciplinary action on Payoneer which may include the permanent closing of the account.

    Please read our terms and conditions here.

    Thank you!

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