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All freelancers I am Waqar Akram and I have been working in freelance industry for 8 years.

I will love to guide and connect with freelancers from Pakistan.

I know a lot of stuff about payoneer too so I will be able to guide you about any information you need. specially related to banks, jazz cash and Payoneer etc,

Let me know any questions you have and please remember to say hey in this post so we can get connected :)


  • waqarwaqar Member Posts: 11
    Hey Guys,

    I was looking at reports on how I spent my freelance income as compared to my job income.

    I saw a real trend to spend more on online shopping after I started freelancing as compared to an office job.

    I also saw that I invested less from my freelance income as compared to a job. What are your experiences?

    What worked best for you in past years, any advice?
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