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Receiving Payment from Individual Payoneer User -- again

Please don't close the discussion before the problem is solved.

So, I cannot request a payment before I accumulate 5000 USD in my Payoneer account. Obviously, in order to get 5000 USD, I need to receive payments, some of which come from individual Payoneer customers. How can I accumulate 5000 USD if I can neither receive payments from them nor request ones?

My clients say that they cannot send their payment to me through either the regular "make a payment" method or my Global Payment Service receiving account. Whenever they make payments, a message like this pops up.

"It looks like <my-email-address> currently cannot receive payments initiated by clients. Contact <my-email-address> directly to arrange payment."

Do you want to say that there is no way for a new Payoneer customer like me to receive payment directly from another Payoneer customer? That payments can only be acquired from company accounts and not individuals?


  • KazPayoneer
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    edited January 2020

    Hello there,

    This is correct. The request a payment service is not automatically enabled for all new users upon registration. As you've noted, this requires you to have received 5k in payments using our other payment options - in particular, the Global Payment Service, and from mass payout companies who use Payoneer as a payment method (ex: Fiverr, Airbnb, Upwork, etc).

    You very much _can _receive payments - however, it needs to be using these other payment services. Additionally, the "make a payment" service is for Payoneer users only, and currently, your account can only reverie such payments. If someone gets a message saying that you cannot receive payments initiated by clients, the client has not used the correct payment method (they have not used Make a Payment, they have instead used an extension of our request a payment service).

    Once you receive payments from company bank accounts, or partnering companies of Payoneer, a grand total of 5k to your account, you will be able to send payment requests. This is not something that can be made an exception of, sadly.


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