Since 25 December last year sfi send you my money but is pending why I need the money

I open payonerr account with this e-mail [email protected], I am not using the account for so long I notice you blocked the account I contact you, you told to open new account with different e-mail so I open with [email protected] sfi send me money to the account but is still pending and you reject all my adress, the adress is( kuru jos plateau nigeria, I send Bill you reject, is house rent so is the owner of the house name on the bill. If you can't aprove the account reverse my money to sfi I will look for another alternative to receive my money I want to use the money. Customer ID: 35089961


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    Hi @pannan. We can see that your account is currently being internally reviewed. We apologize for any inconvenience it might cause you, but please be reassure that this procedure is done to ensure the security and the safety of all our customers. Our team we will notify you via e-mail once the review has been completed.

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