My account is blocked

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Hello Everyone!


My Payoneer Email is : [email protected]


Dear Admin,

Please review at my issue.i just opened payoneer card for only payment method to use at odesk and different other sites as skrill today i just opened my account and saw that "Your Card is blocked"...


Please Help Me To Solve This Issue..While i have no else way for payment...


i contacted the customer service department too..but they only say that your account is been disabled for undisclosed reasons...when i want to ask from them that how i will unblock it again so they only say we cannot assist so then how am i gonna please to make it unblock again..please


till now i didn't get my card too...


and want to get this card and use it...because i have no other way for payment methods at odesk or any other site...


also please confirm that why they did they block my card for no reason as i got no email message too...


Please Payoneer is my only hope...





  • nicefellow1234nicefellow1234 Member Posts: 2

    Dear Admin,Nissim Please Help Me...While i am reallly in great difficulties..

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    As mentioned by myself and our customer support team, your account twas closed by our security department. Unfortunately I cannot assist you with this issue; we will be unable to provide you with payout solutions at this time.

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