Global Payment Service Not Available - FAQ!

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Hello all,

Recently, new users in a handful of countries will notice that they do not have Global Payment Service available for their account upon account approval. In our responses, we said that we hoped that this will be a temporary measure and that it can be restored in the future.

We are glad to state that we do have a workaround for users experiencing this issue. Should you be experiencing this issue where you do not have access to the Global Payment Service after your application is approved, please do the following:

1) Upload a clear image of your government ID or passport to your online account, as it will be required to receive payments through this method.

2) Contact customer support through phone, chat, e-mail, or our social media team on Facebook or Twitter with this request so that it can be processed.

If you are inquiring about the EUR payment service, which is a Global Payment Service currency that now has to be applied for/opted-in to, we suggest the following steps:

1) On the Global Payment Service page on your "My Account", please click EUR and hit apply for the currency.

If you don't have this option, our support team will require all of the following:

1) A clear image of your government ID or passport, uploaded to your online account.

2) Completion of the "Global Payment Service Questionnaire", which can be found in the verification center along with the request for ID.

3) You need have to been already actively receiving payments using the available payment services, using either the Global Payment Service, a marketplace, a partnering company of Payoneer's, or a payment via request a payment. Payments you receive trough the free Payoneer-to-Payoneer feature do not count towards this qualification. Once you have received a number of payments, you will be considered eligible for the EUR Payment Service. _This means that we cannot accommodate requests for users who have received no payments, and are only planning to receive EUR through the EUR Payment Service. We would advise you work with your client(s) to receive the payment in the available services on your account.
All of these qualifications need to be reached for eligibility.

If you would like to receive any additional currency for the Global Payment Service, you may apply for it on the Global Payment Service page on your online account. You would only be contacted if our team deems that you are eligible for it.

If the Global Payment Service was removed, or you never had access in the first place even after your account is approved, we advise you to contact customer support with this inquiry, as it indicates a unique situation on your account.

As usual, the thread will be kept open to answer any general questions about this topic. Comments that are off-topic or questions relating to needing assistance for your situation will be removed. Should you have any account-specific questions, please contact customer support.

Thank you!

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