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How to get a proper customer support on this website?

AAkader Member Posts: 6
- On Dec.27 I made a withdrawal from Payoneer to Credit Agricole Egypt (Transaction ID 168879730)
- On Dec.30th I was informed by Credit Agricole Egypt that Payoneer is no longer considered as a secured platform hence the transfer was rejected.
- On Dec.30th I filed case ID 191230-022055 with Payoneer where I was informed that rejected amounts take up to 14 working days to show up again in the account
- On Jan 15th I filed case 200114-013716 with Payoneer to confirm that the amount should show again in the account by Jan21st
- On Jan 21st, the amount didn't show up hence I filed case ID 200121-019228 inquiring about the status of the returned amount and here where everything becomes messy as the CS handling the case is offering to send a proof that the bank transferred the amount!!

I don't require proof of payment from your bank, I require Payoneer to show the amount returned from Credit Agricole Egypt to withdraw it using the master card.

How can anyone get a proper customer support on this website?
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