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I had a private payment of 500.00$ made to my card and after 2 days of pending it got rejected on account of freud prevention.


I have no earthly idea as to why this had happened. It seems that the private load on my card has been limited to 300.00$ per 30 days which I find absurd.


Is there perhaps something I can do to increase this limit in any way?


This money was really important to me and I am not a fraudster. My friend on the other hand recieves payments of thousands of $ with no problems and has recommended me your services.



I am certain that this is some kind of error but it does not meter anymore as I have just lost 500$ for no reason what so ever and I don't believe I will get them again any time soon.
Not even an explanation or a warning on this.
I stand horrified and ashamed.


It is a new account and I have had so far only 80.00$ loaded on my card. Please explain to me how you guys concluded that it could be a fraud, and what can I do about it?


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    Your payment was not declined due to fraud reasons, and I very much apologize if you had that understanding. Simply your Payoneer account is intended to be used as a payout solution to receive payments from our official partners, or for online work via the US Payment Service. Private loading is an additional service however should not be the main use of the account.


    As you have not yet receive payments via the methods I mentioned above, there is a private load limit on your account. As you begin receiving payments from our partners and the US Payment Service, we will be able to increase your private loading limit.

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