I can't do transaction due to account varification

SamimaSamima Member Posts: 1
I just withdraw my fiverr payment to payoneer but my transaction is pending because of global payment verification. I don't have my Smart National ID Card but I have only National ID card and I am a student I live in a dorm, I submit my dorm ID card but it not accepted. I can't understand what should I do? even I don't have driving licence or passport.


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    @Samima Hello,

    We can only accept government issued photo IDs. If you have the old national ID you can submit but it must be a picture of it ( front and back side). We do not accept scanned photos. You will also need to submit a held picture requirement. This means that you also must take a picture of you holding your ID in one hand and today's date in the other. You will also need to provide some sort of documentation that you live in the dorm form your school, like a contract.

    Thank you.

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